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Your dream with us is a reality, Eagle air will grant you the ability to change the course of your life
and provide you with an exciting learning experience.

Eagle air will grant you the ability to change the course of your life and provide you with an exciting learning experience by a number of interdisciplinary flight instructors in only 18 months you can be a civilian pilot and you can join our team once you graduate. 

In class, it’s boring can’t wait to go home but now you can practice your favorite thing, daydreaming about the future, not bothered with what will happen tomorrow “I’m in 4th  grade now so guess where I’ll be next year. That’s pretty awesome!” and that’s the best part about school you know what’s next. and we have that, in eagle air we have a plan for you where you can join our training team after the graduation. “that will put your mind of things for sure and let you enjoy your learning experience “.

Pilot Mazen El Kadi

You will be presented with a certificate and international licenses once you're done with your training:


Commercial Pilot License


Multi Engines


Instrument Flight Rate


Night Rating


Private Pilot Licenses

Why Should you choose Eagle Air?

Accredited Certificates allow you to practice flying and enroll into the aviation profession.

Training with credit hours system that qualifies you to join the upmost airline companies.

Large, various and safe fleet of aircrafts for the training process and a collection of aviation experts.

Main base operation’s location at Wonder boom airport, Pretoria, Johannesburg, this training location provides the trainees with real experience to be capable to start their careers with the required qualifications.

Candidates are offered the opportunity to conduct interviews in different airlines to join them

Providing you with the chance to practice flying for vast period of time which guarantee giving you a real experience.

The academy tuition fees 37,000$ + 1000$ Registration Fees and We might provide installment payment.

Change Your Future Now!

Providing our students with the needed assistance and the right guidance is what we as Eagle Air Middle East aim for, we help you to reach the sky

Watch our students during training

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