Is a Pilot Job Dangerous?

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A pilot job is a dream to many. This is due to the many great benefits that the job offers. Anyone with an aviation job gets a high salary, health insurance and other bonuses, along with the ability to travel around the world. 

But is the flying profession dangerous? 

Airline Pilots

Pilots at major airlines have low fatality rate, meaning that their job has very few dangers. This means that nowadays, and unlike a few decade ago, all the equipment in the aircraft are now safe to fly with. It’s all up to your experience and practice to fly the plane safely.

It’s been reported that navigatonal equipment and positioning devices have cut down on accidents considerably. 

Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

The most common injuries for pilots are transportation-related. Meaning that when pilots do get injured, it’s not due to flying an airplane at all.

Is an Airline Pilot Job Dangerous?

The simple answer for this is: no, it’s not! This is because airline flying (meaning: long distance travelling in aircrafts) is incredibly safe!

The most obvious proof of that is the presence of happy and healthy older pilots that keep flying their aircrafts up until they’re at the time for retirement.

Some airline pilots, after the age of sixty-five, when they need to retire, continue working as private pilots.

This is due to the great thrill that pilot jobs offer, where you’re flying for many hours everyday, seeing the beautiful sceneries, all while getting paid a generous amount! It’s a win-win situation!

Is Flying Airliners a Dangerous Job?

This is a misconception, due to some news that arise whenever an airplane crash takes place. Even though flying accidents are a lot less common compared to car accidents.

People hear about one crash and instantly come to this conclusion, even though it’s not at all true. 

Back in 1928, statistics show that there used to be an accident for every million miles flown. With today’s system, this would result in seven thousand fatal accident each year! Nowadays, only one or two airplane crashes happen in a year all over the world.

Such accidents occurred due to many situation: muddy fields preventing the aircraft from gaining altitude, triple engine failure, or even fog and wind!

Thankfully, we’ve moved passed such accidents, aircrafts and navigating systems nowadays operate with an impressive level of reliablity, thanks to the automation in the industry. However, a good pilot knows how to fly an aircraft by hand even better than the automation. 

Is Learning to Fly Safe?

Many young pilots-to-be ask this question: “is it safe for me to fly?” The answer to this question is simple. The flying profession is as safe as driving a car or a motorcycle. Even better, the benefits of having an aviation job outweigh that of other professions! 

So how about we digest this question a bit in order to answer it?

First of all: being a student pilot is the safest way to fly!

Perhabs the greatest advantage of trainig for a pilot job is that your chances of getting into an accident are very low. And even after getting your private pilot certificate (PPL), you’ll be flying with a highly trained pilot who most likely flew thousands of hours before flying with you.

In other words, in order to completely eleminate your chances of being involved in an accident, you need to be trained by the best and brightest pilots.

Flight safety is in your control. A pilot’s job is as safe as being a car driver. Although, there are some differences between the two.

When driving a car, you’re at the mercy of the other drivers all around you. If you see a speeding car coming in your direction, you’d have a split second to react and hopefully avoid the possible crash, not to mention the other cars present in such a situation.

This means that, no matter how good of a driver you are, there’s very little you can do about the driving skills of those around you.

Unlike car driving, when you’re flying an aircraft, you can only see a few other aircrafts flying through the sky. When you take off on a solo flight, you’re almost in complete control over your aircraft. 

Generally speaking, any possiblity to an accident occurring in the sky has been significantly reduced; this is due to the tremendous improvement in the technology in aircrafts compared to the past. So, flying an airplane has become a lot easier and safer to do.

Benefits of The Flight Profession

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to aviation jobs. These benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

Taking off on Adventures

After getting your private pilot certificate, you can fly almost anywhere in your area! This means that a fifteen hour trip can be turned into a couple of hours on a plane. Upon flying your aircraft, you can enjoy great sceneries anywhere you go to!

The Community

Once you obtain your certificate, you’ll be introduced to others who have many things in common with you, for example: your love for flying! Those with pilot jobs have plenty of exciting stories that they’re always willing to tell and swap with you.

Thrilling Career

If you feel that an office job isn’t for you, then perhaps you could look a bit more into the flight profession. Obtaining a commercial pilot license (CPL) would be a dream come true for those who are looking for an exciting job.

For the Love of Flying

Flying high in the sky is a dream to many, those who would do anything in order to see the beautiful scenery from above are great candidates for the best pilots in the industry.

After all, nothing makes a good pilot as much as the passion they have for their career.

Would You Like to Become a Pilot?

It’s no surprise that a pilot job is great and beneficial in many ways, so it’s a completely valid career choice! However, the key point for safe flying is to be trained well. The only way for this is to look for the best flight academy to enroll in.

We’d like to propose you learn more about Eagle Air Academy and consider it for your flight school of choice!

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