How to Choose the Best Aviation School

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So you’ve finally decided to pursue your passion as a pilot? Your next – and most important – step right now is to pick the best aviation school. Find out how to get into the best flight academies out there!

What To Look For In A Flight Academy

With the retirement of old pilots, new ones are always needed in the aviation industry. It’s great to consider a career in aviation. However, it’s crucial that you pick the right school first.

We’re here to tell you the right criteria to Choose the Best Aviation School:

  • Look out for the best flight instructors: a flight academy is only as good as its instructors. The most important point in picking a flight academy is to pay attention to the quality of the instructors there.
  • Determine If aircrafts are frequently maintained: the next thing you need to consider is the aircraft you’re going to work with. Once enrolled in the flight academy, you’ll have to rent aircraft for your lessons, so you’ll want them to be safe and trusty.

the best flight academy is also going to explain to you all you need to know about aviation, such as the different costs of different fuels.

Flight Instructor

After starting your training, you’re going to catch yourself making mistakes. This is great because it gives you the opportunity to correct them. However, there are some mistakes that a beginner can’t catch on their own. This is where your flight instructor comes in. You need a CFI that corrects your mistakes right away before they turn into habits.

As we mentioned earlier, a good flight instructor is a vital part of your training as a pilot. Usually, you get assigned a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) by them. However, here are some things you should take into account before settling on a CFI.

  • Why did the CFI decide to teach and what are their goals? You can categorize most CFI’s in two categories: the first category includes those who are doing it for their future, they’re probably aiming for a job at an airline at some point. The second category is doing it for the money, they’ve basically earned the certificate and are now using it to earn a living.
  • Monitor how the CFI responds to your mistakes: you’re a beginner and it’s natural to make mistakes. See how the CFI reacts to your mistakes. Will they ignore them or will they bring them to light and tell you how to correct them?
  • Focus on how they answer your questions: many times, you’ll stumble upon those who hate responding to questions. You need a CFI that’ll let you ask freely in order to perfectly understand the matter at hand.

There’s plenty to consider before picking the most suitable aviation school for you. We’ve compiled a list of all the key points that make up the best option.


Note whether or not the price of the course covers all extra costs as well, for example, landing fees. You should also compare the offers of different flight schools.

Other concerns might include instructor availability and equipment, commuting, and accommodation.

What pilot training programs does the school offer?

Before settling on a flight academy, you should look into what kind of programs they offer. Carefully pick the program best suited for your career path.

PPL (Private Pilot License): comprises 8 subjects which include the Flight Training course. It contains a minimum of 60 hours (45 hours dual – 15 hours solo as a Pilot in Command).

Night Rating: comprises theoretical knowledge instruction and at least 14 hours of flight time, including flight with 14 takeoffs and landings.

Instrument Rating: allowed to conduct flight training for the issue of the Private Pilot License (PPL); Night Rating; Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP); and the Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Multi-Engine: theoretical training covering the Multi-Engine operation. You’ll get to complete 6 hours of flight training.

CPL (Commercial pilot license): comprises 9 subjects. This course aims to train pilots to become co-pilot on multi-pilot/multi-engine aircraft in commercial air transport and to obtain the CPL(A)/IR and ATP theory license.

How To Search For A Reputable Flight School Near You

This is a perfect time to put your googling skills to good use! Begin by searching through Google as well as some social media platforms (ie. Facebook, Twitter) and see where the most positive reviews are at.

For example, you can visit the Eagle Air blog to learn more about aviation and a pilot’s career.

There’s plenty to consider before deciding on the best aviation school. You should first check out the flight instructors at each school, as well as the price and logistics of payment. And finally, pick a flight academy that will be easy for you to commute to.

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